Postcard: The Great Wall of India

Kumbalgarh, Rajasthan, India 21st December 2013 The Great Wall of India. Yes, you heard that right. India has its very own version of the great wall in Rajasthan. This thirty-six-kilometer-long wall surrounding the Kumbalgarh fort is the second longest continuous wall in the world after its more illustrious peer in China. But unlike the Chinese... Continue Reading →

Postcard: The Varkala Formation

Varkala, Kerala, India 26th January 2015 Originally a small temple town, the South Keralan town of Varkala is fast turning into a favourite backpacker hangout. And I would attribute this to what is called ‘the Varkala Formation’ – a steep red cliff rising adjacent to a small strip of beach having excellent views of the... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Ostriches Everywhere

Oudtshoorn, South Africa 23rd June 2016 I clicked this picture when I visited the town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape region of South Africa. It is unofficially called ‘the Ostrich Capital’ of the world, and this title is not without merit. With its booming ostrich industry, this town is all about the the world’s... Continue Reading →

Postcard: A Man’s Best Friend

Zurich, Switzerland 31st October 2008 They say a dog is a man’s best friend. While I can’t comment on the verity of that quote (not being a big fan of pets myself), I found that Europeans in general definitely believe in it strongly. What else would explain the high population of pet dogs across Europe?... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Idli with a Twist

Ramanagara, Karnataka, India 22nd February 2014 Idli is undoubtedly my favorite breakfast. This traditional South India cake made of rice batter is hugely popular not only in the South but many other parts of India. I was aware of many variations of the traditional circular Idli, but stopping at a restaurant on the Bangalore-Mysore highway... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Beware the Evil Eye

Kas, Turkey 7th October 2014 In India, we have an age-old superstition that if someone is envious of you, bad luck and misfortune will befall your friends and family unless you protect yourself from the ‘evil eye’ by following certain practices. Though superstitions are generally very culture-specific, I found it fascinating that the very same... Continue Reading →

Postcard: An African Sunset

Masai Mara, Kenya 12th June 2016 Sunsets are undeniably beautiful to look at. But witnessing one in the backdrop of the vast Savanna Plains of East Africa, is a truly special moment. I had the privilege of having that moment during our safari in the Masai Mara Reserve. We were just heading back to our... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Norwegian Wood

Bergen, Norway 2nd September 2015 John Lennon might not have referenced ‘Norwegian Wood’ in a flattering way in the famous Beatles song, but you cannot help but admire the pretty little wooden houses that are seen in the Norwegian towns and countryside. In Bergen, there are many neighborhoods with traditional wooden houses and I actually got... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Scooter Galore

Hanoi, Vietnam 27th September 2012 Anyone who has traveled to Vietnam would definitely remember the galore of scooters on its streets.  I remember the hordes of two-wheelers roaring past us on the narrow roads of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. The sheer abundance of scooters on Vietnamese roads makes you wonder – where are the... Continue Reading →

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