Postcard: History for Sale

Berlin, Germany (19th November 2008) One of the most pivotal moments in modern European history was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, when East and West Germany got reunited with people from both sides breaking the wall and ending decades of separation. Almost two decades after the event, I still found graffiti strewn... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Fairytale Vista

Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (13th October 2008) Travelling through the Black Forest area in Germany virtually feels like journeying into fairy-tale land. Sprawling forests with varying shades of brown, green and yellow blanket the countryside creating a natural piece of art on the hilly canvas. In between, small houses resembling hobbit huts dot the landscape... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Memories of the Holocaust

Berlin, Germany (19th November 2008) For a city which is steeped in 20th century history and with an eclectic assortment of architecture, chancing upon this architectural beauty in the heart of Berlin was not surprising. But realizing that it was actually a Holocaust memorial constructed in the memory of all the Jews murdered by Hitler’s... Continue Reading →

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