Travelogue: Tranquility in Hill Country (Madulkelle, Sri Lanka)

Madulkelle, Sri Lanka 6th-8th August 2013 Do you sometimes get tired of the monotony of life? Do you want to get away from the concrete jungles to some place where you are cut off from the world? Do you crave a vacation which would allow you to completely switch off and relax in the lap... Continue Reading →

Experience: Whale Watching in Mirissa (Sri Lanka)

Mirissa, Sri Lanka 24th December 2015 I have never had much success with wildlife safaris. My attempts at spotting tigers or leopards in their natural habitats have ended in disappointments. So when I heard about a 'Whale Watching Safari' in the open seas off the southern coast of Sri Lanka, I was initially very skeptical... Continue Reading →

Passikudah, Sri Lanka (5th August 2013)The sun was setting on the eastern coast. The beach near our resort was so serene, the sand so soft, coconut trees swayed in the wind and the evening sky had acquired a blue hue. The setting was perfect for an evening walk along the coast line. We were virtually... Continue Reading →

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