Postcard: History for Sale

History for Sale

Berlin, Germany (19th November 2008)

One of the most pivotal moments in modern European history was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, when East and West Germany got reunited with people from both sides breaking the wall and ending decades of separation. Almost two decades after the event, I still found graffiti strewn pieces of the Wall for sale in souvenir shops all over Berlin. The price varies with size and all pieces even come with a certificate of authenticity! Being somewhat of a history buff, I bought a chunk thinking it would be incredibly cool to own a piece of history both as a souvenir as well as a collectible item. Even today, in addition to some rare pieces of the Wall on display in museums, there are many pieces on auction in online sites like eBay! This is a quintessential case of selling off history, piece by piece.


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