Postcard: Beware the Evil Eye

031 Beware the Evil Eye (Kas, Turkey)

Kas, Turkey

7th October 2014

In India, we have an age-old superstition that if someone is envious of you, bad luck and misfortune will befall your friends and family unless you protect yourself from the ‘evil eye’ by following certain practices. Though superstitions are generally very culture-specific, I found it fascinating that the very same belief was prevalent in Turkey as well! It is believed traditionally in Turkey that having the Nazar Boncuğu, a dark blue circular object with the shape of an eye in the middle, would ward off bad luck from envious eyes. Whatever the spiritual power of the talisman may be, I found that it sure has a lot of commercial value. This little object has somehow turned into the most popular souvenir in Turkey, and it is now sold in all shapes and sizes everywhere across the country.

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