Postcard: Snow, Snow, Go Away!

013 Snow, Snow, Go Away! (Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir, India)


Gulmarg, Kashmir, India (25th January 2009)

January is one of the best months for skiing in India. But it is also a one of the trickiest months as there is always the risk of heavy snowfall ruining your plans. When we visited Gulmarg, a popular skiing destination in Kashmir, the weather was luckily perfect for skiing throughout the two days we stayed. However on the third day, when we began our return journey downhill to Srinagar, it started to snow heavily. Sensing that it could get much worse, the driver fitted the tires with snow chains for better grip. In spite of that, as we were going downhill the vehicle slid dangerously whenever we braked or swerved. Though we were tense for that one hour, we left it to the driver who expertly maintained control of the vehicle and managed to bring us to Srinagar safely!

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