Postcard: A View from the Top

012 A View from the Top (Halong Bay, Vietnam)

Halong Bay, Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam (28th December 2012)

Vietnam’s Halong Bay is known for its thousands of limestone islets jutting out of its waters, and it is always a special feeling when you take a cruise boat which glides through the bay amidst these giant krasts. Fortunately, our tour also had an optional extra of climbing to the peak of Dao Titop island to look at the view of this landscape from atop, and we decided to do it. As we climbed up the hill towards the peak, the view got more and more breathtaking. After finally reaching the top, we sat down and took in the spectacular scene. The blue of the waters dotted with white boats contrasted with the green of the limestone isles, together producing a perfect panorama.


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