Postcard: The Incredible Bean

011 The Incredible Bean (Chicago, USA)

Chicago, USA (31st August 2010)

I was strolling through the Millennium Park in Chicago when I suddenly saw a very large metallic object shaped like a bean present there. As I walked towards it, I realized that it actually had a mirrored surface which offered some amazing and surreal reflections of the Chicago skyline. My surprise turned into amusement when I saw my own funny mirror-house reflection when I went underneath it. This perfectly seamless sculpture officially called ‘Cloud Gate’, is one of the best examples of public art that I have seen. It’s obviously a huge hit with tourists and is also a popular gathering place for locals who like to call it ‘The Bean’. Easily the highlight of Chicago for me, the photograph doesn’t really do justice to this incredible piece of art!

2 thoughts on “Postcard: The Incredible Bean

  1. I think this is a great photo of the work of art! This was a lot of fun for me too, when I went to Chicago! There were so many more people there when I was there- I didn’t get a picture as good as this! Thanks for sharing!


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