Postcard: A China in Every Town


Chinatown, Singapore (26th September 2009)

I have never been to China, but I have had ample glimpses of that country in cities such as New York, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Yes, I am talking about the ubiquitous Chinatown, the ethnic enclave of Chinese people which is present in every big city spread across the world. These Chinatowns usually have everything that you would normally find back in China thus creating a distinctly Chinese atmosphere.  Walking through the Chinatown in Singapore, I virtually felt like I was in China with various shops and markets selling uniquely Chinese goods, restaurants and food stalls offering Chinese delicacies, the streets illuminated with oriental decor, and Chinese language spoken all around you. I was very mesmerized with the atmosphere there, and I really hope to visit the ‘real’ China someday!

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