Postcard: Hookah Man

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (22nd December 2013) Hookah, the quintessential instrument for smoking flavoured tobacco, was very popular with the Rajputs, the kings who ruled Rajasthan for centuries. The museum in Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur has an interesting collection of intricately designed gold and silver hookahs studded with precious stones that were used in the erstwhile... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Mango Delight

East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India (2nd May 2010) While India is known for its sweet tooth and a range of tasty sweet foods, I have seldom seen how they are actually made. Fortunately, I got this opportunity rather unexpectedly while travelling through the villages of East Godavari district in the Southern Indian state of... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Café Nation

Paris, France (6th September 2008) Come spring-time, Paris springs to life with the numerous cafés and brasseries on its sidewalks. Small tables and chairs are lined up outside the café on the sidewalk and Parisians indulge in their favourite pastimes of eating, drinking, smoking and people watching. During my time in Paris, I used to... Continue Reading →

Postcard: The Buddha Tree

Ayutthaya, Thailand (16th April 2011) During my travels in Thailand, I had seen a lot of statues and idols of the Buddha. However, I found a very peculiar one in Wat Maha That temple in Ayutthaya. Here, the Buddha's head is lodged in the tangled roots of a large tree and there is also a... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Rice Art

Hoi An, Vietnam (1st January 2013) Being one of the largest producers of rice in the world, Vietnam has managed to find other ingenious use for the food grain – that of creating art. I came across these rice paintings in a little shop in Hoi An, and stood fascinated before them wondering how much... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Memories of the Holocaust

Berlin, Germany (19th November 2008) For a city which is steeped in 20th century history and with an eclectic assortment of architecture, chancing upon this architectural beauty in the heart of Berlin was not surprising. But realizing that it was actually a Holocaust memorial constructed in the memory of all the Jews murdered by Hitler’s... Continue Reading →

Passikudah, Sri Lanka (5th August 2013)The sun was setting on the eastern coast. The beach near our resort was so serene, the sand so soft, coconut trees swayed in the wind and the evening sky had acquired a blue hue. The setting was perfect for an evening walk along the coast line. We were virtually... Continue Reading →

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