Postcards: Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Seen


A picture speaks a thousand words. This is especially true of travel photographs, where loads of precious memories and experiences are captured in one tiny photograph. With that little piece of wisdom, I am starting a new initiative in this blog.

Since starting this blog around seven months back, I have posted six travelogues and the seventh one is right around the corner. A run rate of 1 travelogue per month is not exactly something to be proud of and there is a lot of ground to cover. However, writing a travelogue does require some time, effort and a suitable state of mind, and I have realized that I will probably not be able to write as frequently as I wish. I have also realized that given the broad scope of a travelogue, I am missing out on the many little stories and experiences that I have had in those places; the finer details. Why not tell those stories through photographs?

So, inspired by the Lonely Planet Magazine India which carries wonderful photographs contributed by its readers and the stories behind them, I am starting my very own ‘Postcards: Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Seen’. This section will have me posting photographs of my travels around the world and my reflections on them. Unlike the travelogue, this will only have a short description, adding my bit to the thousand words that the picture already conveys. All photos will be from my travels, most of them captured by me, but some by my travel companions as well. In the process, I only hope to inspire, and get myself inspired to travel more and more. 🙂


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