Postcard: Trolling Away

3rd September 2015 Gundvangen, Norway Much before the advent of the modern trolls that we know of on the internet, there were supernatural beings called 'trolls' in Scandinavian mythology. Usually depicted as ugly, scary, human-like beings, these original trolls are a big part of Norse folklore. No wonder that it’s kind of hard to miss... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Outdoor Chess

23rd August 2015 Bern, Switzerland While roaming around Bern’s historic center, I stumbled upon a giant outdoor chess set. A riveting game was on between two evenly matched players who had contrasting styles – one man who was always in a hurry and the other who was calm and took his time to make a... Continue Reading →

Postcard: The Holy Elephant

11th March 2013 Hampi, Karnataka, India Animals have traditionally been accorded a special place in Hindu mythology as vehicles of gods or deities themselves. That is the reason some animals are considered sacred even today in Hindu culture. Apart from the ‘Holy Cow’ which is considered the most sacred of all animals, elephants are a... Continue Reading →

Postcard: The Feline Fascination

Antalya, Turkey (8th October 2014) In Turkey, cats are everywhere. The Turkish fascination for cats becomes apparent particularly in the cities where they are omnipresent. Whether you are wandering the cobble-stoned streets of Istanbul or taking in the sights of the magnificent mosques of Sultanahmet, whether you are exploring the old town of Antalya or... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Fishing for Mussels

Alleppey, Kerala, India (28th January 2015) Going around the backwaters of Alleppey provides a fascinating sneak peek into the different facets of local Keralan life. One such example was when I saw a man dipping into the water repeatedly and emerging after a few moments. I thought he was taking a bath or probably swimming.... Continue Reading →

Postcard: The Pantheon of Deities

Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India (15th August 2014)Hinduism as a religion is a very attractive lure for many foreigners visiting India. More often than not belonging to a monotheistic faith themselves, they marvel at the hundreds of gods that Hindus worship. As I was walking near the Shravanabelagola temple in Karnataka, I noticed these idols of Hindu... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Hop on the Cable Car!

San Francisco, USA (1st June 2014) If you have ever been to San Francisco, you will know that the trams are much more than a means of transportation in the city. In fact, the cable car running in some parts of the downtown is as much an iconic attraction as the Golden Gate Bridge is.... Continue Reading →

Postcard: Been There, Seine That

Paris, France (21st September 2008) No river captures the essence of a city like the river Seine does. The river is the lifeline of Paris, and also it’s most beautiful attraction. It is no wonder that the city developed around this huge water body and most of the major sights in the city are located... Continue Reading →

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