Experience: The Religious Fusion of Cao Dai (Vietnam)

4th January 2013 Tay Ninh, Vietnam I thought I knew my world religions. I thought I had seen all the well-known religious places of worship - a Hindu temple, a mosque, a church, a monastery, a synagogue and even a gurudwara. And then travel managed to surprise me once again! When in Vietnam, I found... Continue Reading →

Postcard: The Pantheon of Deities

Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India (15th August 2014)Hinduism as a religion is a very attractive lure for many foreigners visiting India. More often than not belonging to a monotheistic faith themselves, they marvel at the hundreds of gods that Hindus worship. As I was walking near the Shravanabelagola temple in Karnataka, I noticed these idols of Hindu... Continue Reading →

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