Postcard: Reading in Peace

010 Reading in Peace (Baga, Goa, India)

Baga, Goa, India (14th April 2013)

At dawn on a midsummer morning in Goa, I strolled on to the Baga Beach with my precious book in hand, found a beach chair and made myself comfortable. With a gentle early morning breeze blowing and the ubiquitous sound of waves in the background, I got immersed in my book. Occasionally, I would switch back to the real world and observe the beach come alive slowly – the morning light getting brighter, the beach shacks getting ready for another day of business, a few tourists out for a morning walk on the beach, and the occasional fisherman. I would marvel at how the beach transforms itself into one big party floor in the night. And then I would go back to the book into my parallel universe. I am at peace.

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